The SHOULD-ers Full

I was full on gonna write a blog called, “I Used to be Pretty,” about how I didn’t realize my “attractive” phase was over and how I wished I were as fat as the first time I thought I was fat (you’ve all seen that meme.)

ALSO, sidebar: may the amazing spirits of all my English teachers past and present and future forgive me for using the vernacular “gonna” in the first line of this blog. There will also be some “wanna” and “ain’t” usage. I loathe it and yet will continue to use it. Therapize that!

Ok, back to what I was saying – it all started when Jacob sent me this picture of me getting my wedding dress fitted “on this day” 7 years ago. Compared to now, I look practically anorexic! (Like “oh she should probably eat a sandwich but will also get cast in all the Hollywood parts” anorexic, not cardiac arrthymia anorexic. You know there’s a diff.) I can STILL remember thinking before my wedding day in that dress, “WOE! I should have Crossfitted harder! I should have eaten less carbs! I don’t want to show these arms!”

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