The Monkees Saga Recap

If you’ve been following on the social media channels, then you know all about the Monkees fun facts fridays I’ve been doing. Here is a recap of each post, in case you missed it!


The MONKEES are all my all-time favorite band. Full stop. No one will ever love me better.
I remember when my mom came home from the mall and had bought me “Headquarters.” I hadn’t even gotten a recent report card or anything. Cue material things bringing me joy for a lifetime, Alex
I became obsessed with the MONKEES when I was 6 years old. My friends Pranathi, Priya, and Prabha used to pretend we were their wives while they were gone on tour and sent us love letters via invisible hot air balloons. I was always assigned to Micky because, “He’s the weird one, just like you!”
I had tickets to see them in London in 2001 while I was studying there for college. I was so excited to FINALLY see my childhood heroes on stage. But then 9/11 happened, and it got canceled.
Fast forward to 2016, when I spent my savings on front row tickets to see them at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. I couldn’t believe I was there. My sister @versharma and I did tequila shots TO CALM ME DOWN. I was mortified that I had to pee because I didn’t want to miss a minute. Finally they played a song I didn’t really know, so I took the opportunity to scurry to the bathroom. Before I could get down the aisle, I heard the music stop, and DAVY FREAKING JONES SAY, “Oy! Where you going?” I turned around. OMFG he was talking to me. I pointed to my bladder. He jumped off The stage. I said, “Pee!” He said, “I’m singing here!” Time stopped. He took me by the hand and slow danced with me in the aisle. He sang the rest of the song while everyone lost their shit. My God. Did that really happen to me? If it weren’t for the picture, I wouldn’t believe it! After the show, WE GOT TO MEET THEM. Peter Tork said to me — “You made the show!”

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